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29th Oct

I Love MiMi the fat brown cat
I Love Pigsy my first guinea pig with the cute circle on his head
I Love Pigsy Jr. The Xiao Fei Zhu with cute paws
I Love Vicki, the prettiest civic coupe with cute little rims and rests on the floor
I Love Vinomi, my pride
I Love Vinson, my pillar of strength, and my best friend
I Love God, who blesses me and guides me in my life

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financially stable and Vinson with me

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Friday, May 20, 2005

Today, Sabbath, We sang songs....Gospel songs....i sang, sharon played guitar and jes played keyboard. T'was fun....meaningful.....we were reminded of the times when we did the actions with songs..."God with us so close to us....U shall go out with joy and be let forth with peace...."

I was browsing friendster.....saw eggy's friendster "Who i want to meet..."Chiang Li, Erika, Leon, Evon (surprising to see your names here???)" Yea indeed im surprised.....makes me wonder...hmm

Oh i love su yong kang's songs so much....its so good! makes me fall in love and dream.....dream...ZZzzz

Yesterday nite my love called me at 3-4 am wee morn...well gd thing i was still up waiting for his call, supposed to be 12-1 but ended up till 3-4.....i woke at 9 had to work...tired..gotta wait for phonecall but yet nt gd...any idea how tired i am? the prob is im tired but yet i wanna wait! i wanna wait but yet im tired! wat am i talking about? but thats exactly how i feel...

*An angel whispered in my ears.....* 5/20/2005 11:54:00 PM

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