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Erika Wee Li En
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29th Oct

I Love MiMi the fat brown cat
I Love Pigsy my first guinea pig with the cute circle on his head
I Love Pigsy Jr. The Xiao Fei Zhu with cute paws
I Love Vicki, the prettiest civic coupe with cute little rims and rests on the floor
I Love Vinomi, my pride
I Love Vinson, my pillar of strength, and my best friend
I Love God, who blesses me and guides me in my life

[diSliKes] blah blah blah

financially stable and Vinson with me

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Saturday, April 16, 2005

Sky Condition: Rainy with occasional thunder and lightning
Ground Condition: All wet and slippery
雨後的城市 寂寞又狼狽. 我拉住時間 它卻不理會 有沒有別人 跟我一樣很想被安慰

My Condition:
i'Ve always wanted to try blogging...but i thought it was troublesome and lotsa work. FINALLY.........its up..
Trying to keep the Sabbath day am listening to sermons online. is a good place. I also tuned in to Jurong SDA sermon.

well its not that difficult to pass time when you listen to sermons online and when you have a gd friend to talk on the phone with....discussing where is the best place to have a haircut.


*An angel whispered in my ears.....* 4/16/2005 04:29:00 PM

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