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29th Oct

I Love MiMi the fat brown cat
I Love Pigsy my first guinea pig with the cute circle on his head
I Love Pigsy Jr. The Xiao Fei Zhu with cute paws
I Love Vicki, the prettiest civic coupe with cute little rims and rests on the floor
I Love Vinomi, my pride
I Love Vinson, my pillar of strength, and my best friend
I Love God, who blesses me and guides me in my life

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financially stable and Vinson with me

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Monday, April 18, 2005

Sky condition: Cloudy with lightning coming, heavy rain inevitable.
Ground condition: Dry for the moment.

As the sky darkens...............let me tell about my day...yesterday...

I got a great deal yesterday shopping with phie! a pretty dress with a vintage look, for just 9bucks (at heeren)! well, to me its a great deal coz its not easy to find a dress that looks good on me.

and oh...i wanted to buy a oil blotting paper thingy but how come it all seem so expensive????? its about 7-9bucks for 60sheets.

lastly, phie told me about this girl and her blog, she's by far rated the most read and best blog is that? Well, I went to have a read and i realise most of the time she is criticizing on stuff. My view is she is probably a insecure girl, ready to give a comment on everything, or as she thinks, its the "truth"(X.X. 2005. Secure and happy people have higher self-estemm and are ready to give loving suggestions and praise for everything, including praise for themselves. Xiaxue seems really vinegar pot about everything. Ayy..God forgive her...all the stuff about make-ups....photoshops........blah blah blah.

Cutting hair today...hope and pray it turns out well. Otherwise phie is gonna kill me...haha...

*An angel whispered in my ears.....* 4/18/2005 01:34:00 PM

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