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Erika Wee Li En
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29th Oct

I Love MiMi the fat brown cat
I Love Pigsy my first guinea pig with the cute circle on his head
I Love Pigsy Jr. The Xiao Fei Zhu with cute paws
I Love Vicki, the prettiest civic coupe with cute little rims and rests on the floor
I Love Vinomi, my pride
I Love Vinson, my pillar of strength, and my best friend
I Love God, who blesses me and guides me in my life

[diSliKes] blah blah blah

financially stable and Vinson with me

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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

I was concentrating on my studies suddenly a big housefly came flying into my room. First reaction was to smack the fly, but in vain.

Suddenly my chest pains came back. I couldn't move....i felt so painful, n there was no vinson around to hold me...i had to press my acupoints and slowly try to get back to my seat. Im typing now but i can hardly move my body. I can't even breathe normally...its not as bad as last time, but as long as it is around, it is bad. I cant go get my vitamin pills coz i can't move at all..all i can move is my head n my fingers.

how am i going to go to bed? God..please...i think ive got so many things to stress about- housing..vinson's bid for

hai....Lord..please help me!

*An angel whispered in my ears.....* 5/03/2005 11:27:00 PM

Sometimes when I am down,
And I don't feel like you are around O Lord
Feeling so sorry for me,
Not knowing that all the while
You're working to see
If when I'm put through the fire,
I'll come out shining like gold
O Lord, please don't ever stop working with me
Till you see I can be all you want me to be

I am willing Lord, I am willing Lord
To be just exactly what you want me to be

Often when I ask why
Teach me then on you to rely O Lord,
You surely know what is best,
May I learn that in confidence
And strength I can rest,
Then leaning fully on you,
My questions fall one by one
Dear Lord, please don't ever stop working with me
Till you see I can be all you want me to be

This song is dedicated to Phie and Vin....May they trust in the Lord in all they do.

*An angel whispered in my ears.....* 5/03/2005 12:06:00 AM

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