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29th Oct

I Love MiMi the fat brown cat
I Love Pigsy my first guinea pig with the cute circle on his head
I Love Pigsy Jr. The Xiao Fei Zhu with cute paws
I Love Vicki, the prettiest civic coupe with cute little rims and rests on the floor
I Love Vinomi, my pride
I Love Vinson, my pillar of strength, and my best friend
I Love God, who blesses me and guides me in my life

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financially stable and Vinson with me

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Friday, May 27, 2005

Though I am desperately running out of time for preparation for my PSY314 Motivation and Emotion exam, i know God has his plan. Thank you Lord, for always being there.....just like a best friend.

Its putting mask...cant wait to see vin POP~! So i must look my best so he got put mask now..hope useful!!!!! kekekeke vainpot..ayy i know la..which gal not vain rite? guys are the ones being more and more vain these it aint surprising that i am vain! haha

I can't wait to dl more So Yong Kang's songs and burn into mp3..but!!! how am I going to find 200+ songs?!! another thing is.....will i bear to delete the songs after i dl them? NORMALLY NO! i gotta dl 200+ songs for the sake of burning into mp3..n my com is getting slower and slower!! so ive gotta delete them! okok not yet so no fret but soon ok? juz pray that i can find more William's songs so i can burn them quickly! and relieve my com of the load...hehe poor com..

my com usually has tonnes of photos and is coz i usually like to take lotsa pics n nv bear to delete them! same goes for songs....Hmm..i mit vin..but i m gonna to see him soon so im not v.upset..more worried abt studies but i'll do my best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ahhhh....time is running out! Sunday is ZhiHan's bday!!!! whr got time to study? nvm....juz do my best..God plz help me!! HELP~!!!!!!!!!

*An angel whispered in my ears.....* 5/27/2005 09:13:00 PM

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