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29th Oct

I Love MiMi the fat brown cat
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I Love Pigsy Jr. The Xiao Fei Zhu with cute paws
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I Love Vinomi, my pride
I Love Vinson, my pillar of strength, and my best friend
I Love God, who blesses me and guides me in my life

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Monday, July 04, 2005

Mum and Dad came back on 29th Jun 2005 Wed nite 2230 till 4th Jul 9+ morning. For the few days, I was not able to blog coz no internet at home. Time spent together was actually quite meaningful and treasured. I tried my best to be home and tried to juggle being with vinson too. I spent all the time at home and only Sat with vinson and Sun after noon with vin at the Dreamcar Asia.

Wed nite: chit chat...
Thurs morn: slept till 11.00am then we decided to go Compass Pt for lunch and stuff....we shopped and walked..and fun! saw a pair of beautiful blue heels that cost $40.00SGD to match my blue retro dress. Decided to buy tmr (Fri) coz i heard that there is going to be discount of 20% tmr. After that we went home at around 4+ noon and then mum and Jes took a nap. Daddy was busy packing and arranging his books to be sent to HK.
Thurs nite: Daddy and I went downstairs to eat coz Jes and Mum still dozing...We ta pao back for Jes and Mum. Meanwhile Daddy and I went around to buy biscuits...Yakult...Then I watched tv till 1am then slept.
Fri morn: as usual around 11+..everyone decided to wake up. I was still contemplating if I should buy the pair of shoes from Charles and Keith. Daddy and Jes went to post office to post the books at around 3-4pm while mum and I were chatting. I was cutting Jes' sleeves for him...making into sleeveless top and then i used one pair of Jes' white sleeves and made it into a tube for wearing inside my blue retro dress. How nice! It wasnt a real nice tube. I just needed the top part...(the ends of the sleeves where it was hemmed and sew. the bottom was untrimmed but it doesnt matter. It won't show. Great hey! Then meanwhile I was chatting with Mum..she was studying her counselling book in preparation for her test on Tues.
After that we went to compass pt to buy my shoe and then we met up with daddy n jes to go old house eat vegetarian. We ordered 4 dishes and 1 soup. we asked for extra soup coz nt enough....they charged us more!!!! costs 27bucks. However it was very delicious and we had a gd meal. After that we went to mum's fav plc...(Teo Chuan Kee) to buy stuff..meanwhile we were walking ard....buying stuff here and there....from electrical battery shop( for my 8250- Nokia said the battery was obsolete and I could only get from those neighbourhood hp shops. and i did! Yayy..can use 8250!) then we went home at around 7+. We settled down...bathed...and drag till around 9 and we were at mum and dad's bed chatting...After that we sneaked to watch Jacky Wu's guess guess guess show. then jes and I slept.
Sat morn: met up with Vin to buy Acer power adapter and went for quick breaky n he sent me to church and he went home to return car. I saw Sandy and said hi..she was friendly and as usual, all nice and pretty but bony...after that it surprised me....after church we said hi to so many many pple....god gong alot alot alot of pple....and then i gave my number to Sandy and told her to give me a miss call but she had to pick a call so i think she forgot to give me a miss call. After that I went to vin's plc...and we went to watch War of the Worlds (quite a gd show..very exciting but story line is kinda boring..just like the effects..make your heart skip a beat) then we took a bus to vin's redhill grandma hse...long long trip....its been so long since i had a long bus trip. Vin dozed did I..i probably looked really ugly coz it was difficult to slp on bus..your head would be moving all ard...and suddenly drop..haha. After that we took a cab back to vin's plc...and we waited for the car and went for supper at ard 11-12midnite. I craved for chow mein but the chow mein at westcoast was horrible! So vin took a plate of rice for me...but the chilli was so hot!!! anyway vin's garlic chicken was good..and we ordered 2 teh tarik! hehe then I went home.
I had a great time though.....not sure why but it was fun. Simple but memorable.
Sun morn: woke up at ard 10 and went to watch the video i recorded at vin's was Nu Ren Wo Zui Da with all the makeup tips and stuff...i watched and took notes...paused and play...aft that daddy told me that the meal with Gugu was lunch...but i was supposed to meet vin to watch dreamcar Asia at Expo. hai...anyway we were at serangoon garden country club and i ate only salad coz i was rushing to meet was kinda a bad day..but lets forget about it....
Dreamcar Asia was ok....not too bad...saw many mod cars with lotsa decals....and the race queens were average...saw a real pretty one..big nose...but vin said another was pretty...that one he said was pretty./...gosh she looked typically singaporean pretty me she wasnt poise and depth.....yucks...too shallow like ah lian.
then we went back to vin's plc...i cried coz i felt the hit of lonliness....Tmr Mum and Dad would be off.....Vin also not ard....Jes also not ard....sighhh............quiet and empty house again..Dread it....thus i decided to go home early...i left at ard 740 and reached home ard 8plus...mum n dad n jes were not ard...they went downstairs to eat...thn they were kinda surprised to see me home so early. (OF coz i wanna b home early and be with mum n dad!)
Sun nite: Dad was busy the time the NKF Cancer show was ard 10...then we watched abit of news..i bathed and stuff..then we were once again on mum n dad's bed...we were chatting again..this time was that Jes is going to HK with Sharon.....just like me and vin!!!! argh...not them again...anyway..aiya after that we were chatting and chatting then presto~ it was 1.30am!!! tmr they had to wakey early...leave home at 9 and flight at 11.
Mon morn: strong winds woke me from sleep at ard 6am...i woke to shut my windows and went back to slp....alarm went off at 8 but i was too woke me at 830 but i told him i wasnt going airport with them (reason being...if i were to go airport..taking a cab frm airport to jurong is gonna cost a bomb...secondly...they have so many car..only a to fit me as well?) Well anyway i felt so empty and is so dull again....empty house.......felt so sad..i miss mum n dad....sighh.........
Now I am at vin's plc typing all these..........abit sian..but good thing vin called afew times to chat with me..if not i would have cried my pillow wet! probably going to nap n nap....i was standing and my window..feeling the wind blowing on my face...i realised i had a when i was 17 or 18..also feeling the wind blow....i felt that time had passed so already 22...with nothing... so old already! what have I done? All the things i yearn to do..i have no courage..modelling? to earn?......but all is but a $....... no car.....transport is a huge prob to is juz bad now...coz im 22!!! imagine..22 is a young lady...going to be married and with kids and old hag in no time!!!! I DON"T WANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 22!!!!!!!!! ahhhhhh!!!
but wat can i do? Ive got no car..i cant go out and have fun and spend time with friends...all i can do is nap at i can do....energize myself...relax my body..i think its the best...pamper my least something loh....
I've typed so much....hands are tired..gonna rest awhile...might blog tmr......but all is unsure...Sat jes want BBQ at our house balcony..well i pray that it will go on well...i also dnt mind going for the least sengkang hse wont leave me with so many sad and departing memories.......feelings of lost and emptiness....thats all for today.

*An angel whispered in my ears.....* 7/04/2005 02:15:00 PM

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