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29th Oct

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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Vin's grandma had a friend...came over for awhile..probably to take some things..and then she sat awhile...and vin's grandma was whispering to softly....and she was exclaiming so loudly..i heard these words: out...." I kinda felt she was talking abt i really felt so....i feel so uncomfortable now...ok it might have been as follows... The other day when i "moved" back to vin's plc....then u know..i always watch lady first at 8 and kang xi lai le at 10....then at 8 i switched channel loh...then apparently grandma wasnt too happy..she got give unhappy sounds. like "tsk"..then she fidgetted...but i tried not to be over sensitive so i tot otherwise....then at 10 i switched to channel 52 then she was like.."watch channel news nicer to watch...dnt watch this"...................

hai...she had a bit of a unfriendly tone.....then the nxt day...i of coz didnt feel gd at 8...i fidgetted in my seat too....coz it was boring show mah!!!!!! watch wat cao qi tai and school children answering brain questions...where got nice? i think she juz traditional...sure must watch channel 8 and only channel 8.........the entire day.

i also gave abit of unhappy movements......well she probably understood and became unhappy...meanwhile, yesterday i asked her if she got cook lunch..whether shes eaten....she said she i said ok im going downstairs to buy dinner time, she didnt cook also..i was very hungry i decided to ask her..i asked if she got cook..she said no...then she said got noodle...i said...oh u eat loh...she said i can eat it..i felt bad..y the noodle is i eat but she nv eat...anyway she said she ate im like..ok i eat loh..i super hungry was char kway tiao...with clam and wax pork. The whole atmosphere and situation was a little machiam everytime i talk to her is ask her if she got as if she is in charge of cooking..but then i cannot dnt ask and go buy myself mah! right? i mean i can dnt ask n juz go buy is coz out of respect thats y i asked maybe coz i asked..then she think y i always care abt eating....

were the two of them really talking about me? ayy...the tone that the lady exclaimed....made me feel im some bad prostitute..bad gf and future wife...i've juz try to go out and avoid problems....

I thought grandmothers are actually easy to get along with and are nice...but im so wrong....hai...

*An angel whispered in my ears.....* 7/06/2005 04:09:00 PM

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